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Open source accounting software Gnuaccounting releases version 0.8.2

Improved asset management and improved document management

Alzey, Germany, 2013-01-15.

Gnuaccounting's document management now supports multiple scanners. It is now possible to view scanned or imported images from within the software itself and scan or import already from the import wizard. The document number is now recognized from the file name. The document number is no longer mandatory in the import from bank statement and can be amended later.

The asset management creates a report in the spread sheet export. Decimal digits are now saved correctly in asset prices and the order of the assets has been corrected.

A new import from the mobile time tracker "Gleeo Timer" allows the direct creation of invoices. This was so far only possible for imports from kTimeTracker and Task Coach.

As of version 0.8.2, multiple bank accounts are possible as the import from bank statements from Moneyplex, Starmoney, Hibiscus or directly via chipcard (HBCI/FinTS) now allows the specification of the bookkeeping account to be imported into. In Gnuaccounting, the user only has to import his/her bank account, select the VAT rate and the contra account. Account reconciliation and the export, in particular to Addison and DATEV, has been improved as well.

Gnuaccounting 0.8.2 will be released on, 03:00 p.m CET on Thursday, 2013-01-17. Until then, a prerelease is available at More details of the changes and fixes are listed on the release notes at

Screenshot Screenshot: Gnuaccounting 0.8.2's bank statement import

About Gnuaccounting:
Gnuaccounting is an open source Java cross-platform accounting and bookkeeping application. For the creation of invoices and vouchers it embeds OpenOffice. It supports chip-card-based online banking (HBCI) and exports data e.g. for VAT announcements. The first version was released on 23 March 2005. Since then, it has been downloaded more than 25,000 times.

The program is available in German and English and can be used as a portable application and uses, if desired, external databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL instead of the embedded Apache Derby. The application is compatible with the 32-bit version of Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and KDE-based 32- and 64-bit versions of Linux.

Further information can be found on the official website of Gnuaccounting:

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